Six Shooter Cellars is proud to offer the best wine, mead, sparkling wine, and port from six different wineries. Our wine list changes from month to month as availability changes. Most wineries produce at least some of their products on a seasonal basis. Our white and red wines are typical of what you would expect to find in a tasting room, however, all of our wine is produced in Texas and many of our wines are sourced using Texas grapes. The Black Spanish Lenoir grape, for example, thrives in Texas and has been used to make excellent dry red table wines for centuries.

Also, it is important to note that the wine changes from year to year because the grape harvest changes from year to year. Temperature, rainfall, humidity, and potential diseases and pests can have large effects on the grape harvest. Many times a customer will buy a bottle of wine and note, "It doesn't taste the same as the bottle that I bought last year." This is because the grapes are different. Also, wine ages within the bottle and will change with age. White wines and fruit wines should be consumed within a few months or a year of purchase. Red wines may improve with age, but not always – sometimes they deteriorate.

Our fruit wines are made by handcrafting a traditional base wine and then adding natural fruit flavor just before bottling. For example, our "Badd Ass" red wine is a smooth merlot base wine with natural blackberry flavoring added. Our "Badd Ass" white and Stockyard Peach are both made from an excellent chardonnay base wine with natural peach flavor added. The natural fruit flavors are carefully paired with the base wines to yield lovely combinations that are sometimes seasonal (e.g. cranberry) and are very distinct from each other. If you like sweet wines, you'll probably enjoy our wide selection (again, seasonal) of fruit wines.

Mead is wine made from honey. "Dry" mead is a bit sweeter than dry wine, so you should expect a group of mead products to be somewhat sweeter than comparable wine products. For the person who doesn't like wine, mead may be an enjoyable experience – especially our carbonated products that you can take home and then refrigerate in a "growler," which looks like a little brown jug!

We also carry several ports, depending on availability. Port is more difficult to make than wine and is usually made in much smaller batches, so if you have a specific port that you like, check with us on availability. Some of our port products have natural flavors added just before bottling (for example, chocolate raspberry port). These products are excellent desserts on their own or can be poured over a scoop of your favorite ice cream for a fabulous dessert!

When you visit our store, be sure to ask about wine-a-ritas! We have a new wine-a-rita machine and a wine-a-rita can be a real treat on a hot Texas day! Also, try a Jalapeno shot – our own Barb Beadle developed the recipe for the Jalapeno shots (which include our beautiful souvenier shot glass)!


Please see our online store for our current selection of white wines.


Please see our online store for our current red wine selections.


Please see our online store for our selection of fruit wines. Note that our "Badd Ass" Blackberry and Peach wines are both available.

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Please see our online store for our available mead selections. In addition to bottles of mead, as of June, 2020, we have two carbonated meads available [carbonated mead is not available in the online store].

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Please see our online store for our available sparkling wines. As of June, 2020, we have both Six Shooter Bubbly and Almond Sparkling available.

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Please see our online store for our available port selections.

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